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 Academic Difficulties: Academic Difficulties: Dyslexia, A.D.D? 
Is it A.D.D., is it A.D.H.D, is it the Executive Syndrome, or is it dyslexia? But does the label solve the problem? Only by looking in the past may we begin to understand the present, and develop a strategy to enhance the future.

Birth is one of the most traumatic events to which many of us may be subjected. In a study of 1250 newborn babies, 10% were found to have optimal physiologic function of their primary respiratory mechanism. That is the underlying structural and functional manifestation of life itself. The outward manifestations of this dysfunction apart from the observation of distortion in the facial features, the shape of the head, or the posture favored by the baby at rest are: -

Difficulty learning to suck effectively

Vomiting or spitting up

Frequent inconsolable crying

Sleep difficulties

Any of these problems should alert a parent to seek an osteopathic evaluation and treatment for this baby for this is prevention.

As growth continues does the baby roll over in both directions and when prone (face downward) does he begin to crawl, army style, in an integrated cross pattern keeping the body on the floor? Does this progress to creeping on hands and knees with such precise integration of opposing arm leg movements that only two clear sounds are audible? Frequently however a pitter-patter of four sounds may be heard because the arm and leg are not precisely synchronized in their movements. Pulling to a standing position, cruising along furniture and finally walking alone complete the next chapter in mobility development. These stages in the development of mobility are also contributing to visual and auditory function. When crawling prone, one eye and one ear are utilized, as the arm and leg are advanced on that side. Creeping on hands and knees stimulates binocular vision coordinating two eyes to provide a clear single image in all directions and binaural hearing whereby sounds are localized from all areas. Standing introduces the vertical dimension to vision and the tracking of eyes in all directions. Language has been developing simultaneously from the reflex cry of the newborn through meaningful sounds to expressive vocalization and eventually spoken organized language. Recollection of deficiencies in any of these stages indicates some developmental neurological inadequacies which may still be manifested today if tested.

In other instances however, these difficulties may not be recalled and a happy, healthy infancy may be reported. But perhaps an accident occurred like a fall down stairs, off a tricycle, or off some piece of furniture and there was only momentary loss of consciousness if any, no fracture and no apparent neurological disturbance, but gradually over a period of time certain deterioration in behavior was noted, attention was more easily distracted and the child became less cooperative.

(Excerpted from Osteopathic Center for Children)
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Viola Frymann DO, FAAO, FCAViola M. Frymann D.O., F.A.A.O., F.C.A., has spent the majority of her professional life as a dedicated osteopathic physician practicing comprehensive osteopathy of the whole body including the cranial field. Her......more
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